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1240 safety
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Scouting Skills

Scouting Skills

Hike Planning

Access to Airfields

Activities - Risk Assessment

Scouting Skills A - Z

Adult Groups in Adventurous activities

Adventurous Activities Permit Scheme

Boat and canoe registration and inspection scheme

Mountain or Hill activities with Scouts

Planning an Outing

Safe use of Knives

Scout Skills Axe & Saws

Scout Skills Fire Lighting

Scout Skills Lamps


Swimming Update

Target Shooting

Water Safety Class C Waters

Water Safety Waterborne disease


These links lead to documentation that are required to be used along side your risk assessment of the activity. Other considerations must be taken into account such as the ability of the members, the environment where the activity is to be undertaken and the weather if necessary.

Fire Lighting

Water Safety

Water Advice & Information

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