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Safety warning: aerosol gas stoves
The Scout Association has recently been made aware of several incidents of aerosol gas stoves malfunctioning, which could cause the gas canister to explode. We recommend that members follow the manufacturers' guidance, and that you check your equipment is working, and, if any doubt do not continue to use it.

Safety warning: aerosol gas stoves

Aerosol camping stoves are cheap and popular with all sorts of campers. However, The Scout Association has recently been made aware of several reports of the aerosols in these stoves exploding.

In at least one case, the incident involved initial problems with the locking lever and gas control dial. Later the gas canister exploded. At this stage we cannot be certain of the exact cause but have learned that this type of equipment has been banned in certain parts of Australia. The apparent reason is overheating resulting in explosion.

Some tips to follow when using this type of stove:

We strongly advise you to take extra caution when using these types of stoves on camp or during Scouting activities, and to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you've recently experienced issues with these stoves, please let the Safety Team at UK HQ know, by emailing

Fire Risk Assessment
Group Executive responsible to have current documentation in place.

Responsibility for complying with the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and the associated Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations 2006 rests with the Group Executive as are responsible if they own their own premises, and you must carry out a fire risk assessment of the premises, which must focus on the safety of all 'relevant persons' in case of fire.

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